Broadcasting Experiences

Building data-driven brands promoting business, success and well-being

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    Our focus
    We focus on niche companies that have an existing user base and a good market position but lacking product-market fit.
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    Our model
    Invest or joint ventures with existing and established niche brands that have big scalability potential
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    Our secret sauce
    Broadcast in real time a stream of relevant content and products based on the users’ interest and behavior


Our ecosystem

We are building an ecosystem of strong niche brands in markets with lots of real potential customers

Smart Senior AB

Sweden's largest membership club that offers targeted offers & promotions to Sweden's biggest target audience, 55 plus

NowMatters Academy

An online academy documenting the NowMatters growth experiment. Courses vary from coding, growth hacking and product & design


Our team led and delivered over 30 digital transformation and mobility projects for the public sector in Sweden since 2011

International speakers on digital transformation and how it can be used to benefit organizations, governments and citizens


+46 70 40 556 74

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